Monday, December 12, 2011

So Much Going On!!

Hey Guys so it's me again!! It's been a long time since i wrote my lasts post a few years ago!! Hahaha! But now I'm already 11 and I'm still doing crafts and I'm still singing as usual. I joined this singing competition called One Music Idol. Went they came 2 my school to do the audition I was really nervous because I have never ever in my life enter a real singing competition. When it was my turn 2 sing i was really nervous but I still sang for the judges. When it was time 2 call out the people who made it 2 the qualifying round I was like " I'm gonna make it". In the end I finally made it, I was so happy. At the same time I was also nervous for the qualifying round! It was the day of the qualifying round and I was like " Relax". Then when I sang on stage I rocked it! Yay! Victory it is all over! Ok done. They called me into the room and told me that I did not reach the pitch but they really liked my singing so they asked me 2 do the qualifying round twice. Unfortunately I did not make it 2 the finals but I was still happy because the judges loved me! Hihihi! That is it! Bye & Luv Ya

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